[ND] The Beatles / Savile Row Days (1BDR)

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The Beatles/Savile Row Days(ND-8597BD)

ビートルズの最後のアルバムとなった”Let It Be”の発売から50周年を記念しての映画”Let It Be”のアウトテイク集です。
1969年1月21日から30日まで行われたロンドン・サヴィルロウのアップルで行われたレコーディングセッションの模様をh日にち順に収録したものです。 以前にも同じような映像集はありましたがそちらよりも少し長い収録時間となっています。

The Beatles/Savile Row Days(ND-8597BD)
*Apple Corps Rooftop, 3 Savile Row, London, England 1969
1. January 21
01.John’s Introduction for The Rolling Stones
02.Setup/Since My Baby Left Me
03.Dig A Pony Playbacks
04.Dig A Pony Rehearsals
05.Don't Let Me Down Rehearsals

2. January 22
06.Don’t Let Me Down Rehearsals
07.Dig A Pony Rehearsals
09.Billy Preston Joins
12.Dig A Pony (Count-In Only)
13.I’ve Got A Feeling Rehearsals

3. January 23
14.Beatles Arrive at Apple
15.Billy Preston Arrives
16.Get Back Rehearsals
17.Jamming with Yoko
18.Billy Preston's Jam
19.Get Back Rehearsals
20.I've Got A Feeling/Help!/Please Please Me
21.Get Back Playbacks

4. January 24
22.Get Back
23.Teddy Boy Playbacks

5. January 25
25.Two Of Us Rehearsals
26.For You Blue Rehearsals
27.For You Blue Playbacks
28.Let It Be Rehearsals
29.Let It Be Playbacks

6. January 26
30.The Beatles Arrive At Apple
31.Octopus's Garden
32.Let It Be Rehearsals
33.Dig it
34.Shake Rattle & Roll/Miss Ann/Kansas City
35.You Really Got A Hold On Me
37.Let It Be Rehearsals
38.Jamming with Heather
39.The Long And Winding Road Rehearsals

7. January 27
40.Dig It/You Really Got A Hold On Me Playbacks
41.The Long And Winding Road
42.Save The Last Dance For Me
43.Break For Lunch
44.I Told You Before
45.Get Back
46.I've Got A Feeling

8. January 28
47.For You Blue/Get Back playback
49.I've Got A Feeling Rehearsals
50.Every Day Is Like A Week
51.I Want You
52.Unless He Has A Song

9. January 29
54.All Things Must Pass
55.Besame Mucho
56.Three Cool Cats

10. January 30
57.Discussion before rooftop performance
58.Entrance/Get Back rehearsal
59.Get Back
60.Don't Let Me Down
61.I've Got A Feeling
62.One After 909
63.Dig A Pony
64.God Save The Queen
65.I've Got A Feeling
66.Don't Let Me Down
67.Get Back

11. January 31 ( 1:48:18 )
68.Two Of Us Rehearsals 1:48:28
69.Hey, Good Lookin/Take This Hammer/Long Lost John/Five Feet High And Rising/Bear Cat Mama/Run For Your Life
70.Two Of Us (breakdown)
71.Two Of Us
73.Two Of Us
74.Step Inside Love/Let It Be
75.Two Of Us
76.The Long And Winding Road
77.Let It Be (Take 22)
78.Let It Be (Take 23)
79.Let It Be (Take 27A, Solo only)
80.Let It Be (Take 27B, alternate angle)
81.Let It Be

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