MARY HOPKIN / Mary Hopkin Cronicle (3CD-R)

型番 FR-097/098/099 (管理 415)
販売価格 1,900円(内税)

アップル時代の作品等はAfter the Beatlesのソロになってからのメンバー達よりよほどBeatles soundを彷彿させていますし、バックの演奏にも不思議な位にビートルズの気配が感じられます。

01.Les Temps De Fleur / French Version of "Those Were the Days" 1968 02.An Jenem Tag / German Version of "Those Were the Days" 1968 03.The Coca Cola Song / Commercial 1969 04.Where's Jack / From Film 1969 05.I'm Going To Fall In Love Again / B-Side "Knock Knock" 1970 06.Think About Your Children / Original Release 1970 07.Quand Je Te Regarde / French Version of "Let my name be sorrow" 1971 08.Let My Name Be Sorrow / Japanese Version of "Let my name be sorrow" 1971 09.Cherry Free Carol / B-side "Mary had a baby" 1972 10.For All My Days / From Film 1972 11.Summertime Summertime / A-side as "Hobby horse" 1972 12.Sweet And Low / B-side as "Hobby horse" 1972 13.Mary Had A Baby / A-side Single 1972 14.Mary Had A Baby / A-side Single (Changed Lyrics) 1973 15.Lion Tamer / From Bootleg LP VeeJay 1974 16.If You Love Me / A-side Single 1976 17.Tell Me Now / B-side "If you love me"1976 18.Just A Dreamer / B-side "Wrap Me In Your Arms" 1977 19.Wrap Me In Your Arms / A-side Single 20.A Song / B-side "What's Love" 1981 21.What's Love / A-side as Sundance 22.Those Were The Days / Late Seventies-Visconti 23.Goodbye / Late Seventies-Visconti

01.Middle Of Your Heart 02.Let Me Cast Your Chart 03.Speak For Me Of Love 04.Dance Children Dance 05.A Field Of Heathe 06.The Cabaret Is Over 07.Let's Grow A Little Garden 08.Baby 09.Now That The Baby Is Coming 10.Delaney My Son Track1-10 From Visconti's "Inventory" 1977. Mary:Background 11.Rachel's Song (1982 from "Bladerunner") 12.Love Duet (1988 "Under Milkwood" with Jan Cussick) 13.(Medley) For No One Here There And Everywhere (1988 "Under Milkwood" with Jan Cussick) 14.No More War (Freedom Found 1990) 15.Heavens Gate ("Black To Black" 1992) 16.Further Down The Road (The Bridge 1994) 17.Morning Glory (The Bridge 1994) 18.Cry No More (The Bridge 1994) 19.Do You Remember (The Bridge 1994) 20.After Rain (with Ralph McFell 1995)

01.Three Ships Sailing (Cliff-Richards Show) 02.Early In The Morning Of Your Life (Cliff-Richards Show) 03.I'm Going To Fall In Love Again (Cliff-Richards Show) 04.You've Everything You Need (Cliff-Richards Show) 05.Can I Believe (Cliff-Richards Show) 06.Knock Knock Who's There? (Cliff-Richards Show) 07.Rymbeth Syml Something Stupid)Early Recordings 08.Aderyn Pur (Version 1) 09.Aderyn Pur (Version 2) 10.In The Morning (Apple Promo) 11.To Love Me (Donovan MH:backgroun) 12.Cavaleria Rusticana (date unknown) 13.One Fine Day (date unknown) 14.Change We Must (Jon & Vangelis MH:background) 15.Hold Me (with Peter Sellers) 16.Shamarac (Cilla Black Show) 17.Incurable Romantic (Demo) 18.Love Belongs Right Here (unidentifield) 19.The First Time Ever (unidentifield) 20.Once I Had A Sweetheart (Capitol Radio with Robbie Barrish) 21.With You Without You 22.Aderyn Pur 23.Ocean Song

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