STEVIE WONDER / Funkafied Rainbow Remastered (2CD-R)

型番 ZR-107/108 (管理 204)
販売価格 1,600円(内税)

Remastered from "FUNKAFIED RAINBOW" in 2007 Live in London, January 1974 STEREO SOUNDBOARD!!

スティーヴィー・ワンダー名盤ブート『FANKAFIED RAINBOW』の復刻版です。

在庫終了後も多くの問い合わせがあったスティーヴィー・ワンダー・ブートCD最高傑作と名高い『FANKAFIED RAINBOW』のリニューアル・リリースです。このコンサートの確実な日にちは定かではありませんが、オリジナルに忠実に1974年のライヴと記載しました。

The notorious "Rainbow" concert indeed was recorded in London in January 1974.The dependable NME(New Musical Express) says in its February 2, 1974 number:"Wonder's Rainbow gigs last Thursday were recorded by Tamula Motown for subsepuent release as a live album, and Stevie has already been in the studios to start mixing the tapes." and in their August 23, 1975 number they write:"Several projects have been mooted; his Rainbow gigs last year were recorded for possible release, but it is understood the tapes were not technically up to standard."description by Thomas Winberg This notes taken from back cover of "FUNKAFIED RAINBOW".

Disc 1
01. Intro/Contution
02. Introduction To Higher Ground
03. Higher Ground
04. Mary Wants To Be A Superwoman
05. To Know You Is To Love You
06. Signed, Sealed And Delivered
07. Visions

Disc 2
01. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
02. Living For The City
03. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
04. Superstition
05. Encore Jam Stevie Wonder (Vo,Key,Harmonica) Michael Sembello (G) Reggie Mcbirde (B) Ollie Brown (Ds)

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