Tedeschi Trucks Band DVD (24 DVD-) -2011〜2014 ライブの歴史 テデスキトラックスバンド

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Tedeschi Trucks Band DVDR セット


1 - Tedesci Trucks Band/Sing A Simple Song(ND-2728)

*Live Jim Beam Concert,Center Stage,Atlanta,GA April 08 2011
01.Love Has Something Else To Say/02.Midnight In Harlem/03.Comin' Home/04.Come See About Me
/05.Sing A Simple Song/06.Bound For Glory

*Highline Ballroom,NYC,NY April 13 2011
01.Midnight In Harlem/02.Till You Remember/03.Sing A Simple Song/04.Uptight/
05.Manic Depression/06.Space Captain/07.Bound For Glory

*Wanee Festival,Peach Stage,Spirit Of the Suwanee Music Park,Live Oak,FL April 16 2011
01.Midnight In Harlem/02.Learn How To Love/03.That Did It/04.Sing A Simple Song/
05.Standing On The Edge Of Love/06.Comin' Home/07.Nobody's Free/08.Uptight/09.Space Captain


2 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Don't Let Me Slide(ND-3030)

*Conan O'Brien Show July 19 2011
01.Learn How To Love

*Boulder Theater,Boulder,CO August 14 2011
02.Don't Let Me Slide/03.Midnight In Harlem/04.Love Was Something Else To Say/
05.Sing A Simple Song

from Revelator Tour
*Beacon Theatre,New York,NY September 10 2011/
Lynn Memorial Auditorium,Lynn,MA October 15 2011/
New Jersey PAC,Newark,NJ October 21 2011/
The Music Hall,Toronto,ON,Canada October 25 2011/
Royal Oak Music Theatre,Royal Oak,MI October 26 2011

01.Everybody's Talkin' 10/25/02.Rollin' & Tumblin' 10/15/03.Bound For Glory 10/15/
04.Coming Home 9/10/05.Echoes Of My Mind 10/26/06.Simple Thing 10/25/07.Shelter 10/26/
08.Anyday 9/10/09.Qualified 10/15/10.Darlin' Be Home Soon 10/25/11.Nobody's Free 10/26/
12.Uptight 10/21/13.That Did It 10/15/14.I Want To Take You Higher 9/10/
15.Wade In The Water 10/15


3 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/I'd Ruther Go Blind(ND-3113)

*Austin City Limits,Moody Theatre,Austin,TX January 18 2012
House Of Blues,Dallas,TX January 19 2012
Verizon Wireless Theatre,Houston,TX January 20 2012
01.Don't Let Me Slide 1/19/02.I'd Rather Go Blind 1/20/03.Midnight In Harlem 1/19/
04.Don't Drift Away 1/19/05.That Did It 1/19/06.Uptight 1/20/
07.Love Has Something Else To Say/Kissing My Girl 1/18/08.Bound For Glory 1/19/
09.Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) 1/20


4 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Live From Red Rocks(ND-3498)

*Red Rocks Amphitheatre,Morrison,CO August 30 2012
01.Intro/02.Everybody's Talkin'/03.Don't Let Me Slide/04.Rollin' & Tumblin'/
05.Isn't It A Pity/06.Bound For Glory/07.The Sky Is Crying/08.Shelter/
09.Get What You Deserve/10.Mahjoun/11.Midnight In Harlem/12.Learn How To Love/
13.That Did It/14.Band Intro Jam/15.Uptight/16.Bass/Drums Solo/
17.Love Has Something Else To Say/18.Wade In The Water/19.Give It Up Or Let Me Go


5 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/The Peach Music Festival(ND-3508)

*Peach Festival,Montage Mountain,Scranton,PA August 10 2012
01.Everybody's Talkin'/02.Don't Let Me Slide/03.Midnight In Harlem/04.Rollin' & Tumblin'/
05.Bound For Glory/06.Mahjoun/07.Shelter/08.Get What You Deserve/09.That Did It/
10.Love Has Something Else To Say/11.Band Intros/12.Nobody's Free/13.Simple Song/
14.(I Want To Take You) Higher


6 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Sunshine Blues Festival 2013(ND-3717)

*Sunshine Blues Festival,Mizner Park Amphitheater,Boca Raton,FL January 19 2013
01.Whisky Legs/02.Don't Let Me Slide/03.Angel From Montgomery/04.Love Has Something Else To Say/
05.Uptight (Everything'Alright)/06.Bound For Glory/07.Isn't It A Pity/
08.Sing A Simple Song/I Want To Take You Higher

*Sunshine Blues Festival,Vinoy Park,St. Petersburg,FL January 20 2013
01.Whisky Legs/02.Don't Let Me Slide/03.Midnight In Harlem/04.Rollin' And Tumblin'/
05.Love Has Something Else To Say/06.Get What You Deserve/07.Nobody's Free/
08.Uptight (Everything'Alright)/Drum Solo/09.Bound For Glory/10.Isn't It A Pity/
11.Sing A Simple Song/I Want To Take You Higher


7 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise 2012(ND-3764)

*Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise,San Juan,Perto Rico October 27&28 2012
01.Wah-Wah 10/28/02.Don't Let Me Slide 10/28/03.Rollin' And Tumblin' 10/28/04.Love Has Something Else To Say 10/27/
05.The Sky Is Crying 10/28/06.Midnight In Harlem 10/28/07.Get What You Deserve 10/27/08.Nobody's Free 10/27/
09.Band Intro/Old Time Lovin' 10/28/10.That Did It 10/28/11.Uptight 10/28/12.Bound For Glory 10/28/
13.Angel From Montgomery 10/28/14.Sweet Inspiration 10/28


8 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Wanee Music Festival 2013(ND-3914)

*Wanee Music Festival,Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park,Live Oak,FL April 20 2013
01.Midnight In Harlem/02.Made Up Mind/03.It's So Heavy/04.Bound For Glory/05.Nobody's Free/06.Misunderstood/07.Part Of Me/
08.Sky Is Crying/09.No Where To Turn

*Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013,Madison Square Garden,New York,NY April 12 2013
The Allman Brothers Band/01.Don't Want You No More/Aint My Cross To Bear/02.Statesboro Blues with Taj Mahal And Los Lobos/
03.Black Hearted Woman/04.Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad with Eric Clapton/05.Whipping Post

*Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013,Madison Square Garden,New York,NY April 13 2013
06.Cherry Ball Blues with Sonny Landreth/07.Congo Square with Sonny Landreth/08.Save The Last Dance For Me with Blake Mills/
09.Burn It Down with Los Lobos/10.Old Friend with Warren Haynes/11.The Needle And The Damage Done with Gregg Allman,Warren Haynes/
12.Midnight Rider with Gregg Allman,Warren Haynes


9 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/It's So Heavy(ND-4134)

*Gathering Of The Vibes,Seaside Park,Bridgeport,CT July 26 2013
01.It's So Heavy/02.Love Has Something Else To Say/03.Get What You Deserve

*Mann Music Center,Philadelphia,PA August 11 2013

04.Nobody's Free/05.Space Captain with The Black Crowes/06.Turn On Your Lovelight with The Black Crowes

*FirstMerit Pavilion at Northerly Island,Chicago,IL August 14 2013
07.Midnight In Harlem/08.I've Got A Feeling/09.Sing A Simple Song/I Want To Take You Higher/10.Turn On Your Lovelight with The Black Crowes


10 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Live At Beacon 2013(ND-4241/4242)

*Beacon Theatre,New York,NY September 27 2013
01.Do I Look Worried/02.Made Up Mind/03.Midnight In Harlem/04.I Know/05.Part Of Me with Doyle Bramhall/
06.St. James Infirmary with Doyle Bramhall/07.All That I Need with Doyle Bramhall/08.Nobody's Free/
09.I'll Take Good Care Of You with Lee Fields/10.More And More with Lee Fields/11.Bound For Glory/
12.The Storm/13.Calling Out To You/14.Sing A Simple Song/I Want To Take You Higher with Doyle Bramhall

Extra Tracks

*Beacon Theatre,New York,NY September 20 2013
02.Until You Remember

*Beacon Theatre,New York,NY September 21 2013
03.In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed with Dickey Betts/04.Blue Sky with Dickey Betts/05.The Sky Is Crying with Dickey Betts

*Lockn' Festival,Arrington,VA September 8 2013
01.Turn On Your Lovelight with Blackcrowes/02.Do I Look Worried/03.Sugaree/
04.Sing A Simple Song/I Want To Take You Higher/05.Chilly Water with Widespread Panic/
06.Me And The Devil Blues with Widespread Panic

*Harvest Music Festival 2013,Mulberry Mountain,AR October 18 2013
07.Do I Look Worried/08.Made Up Mind/09.It's So Heavy/10.The Sky Is Crying/11.Misunderstood/12.Nobody's Free/
13.Angel From Montgomery/Sugaree

*Conan,Warner Bros Studio,Burbank,CA October 21 2013
15.Made Up Mind

16.It's So Heavy (Acoustic Version)


11 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/BluesFest London 2013(ND-4326)

*BluesFest London 2013,Royal Albert Hall,London,England October 29 2013
Mavis Staples
01.Will The Circle Be Unbroken with Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi

Tedeschi Trucks Band
02.Made Up Mind/03.Do I Look Worried/04.Until You Remember/05.Midnight In Harlem/06.Misunderstood/
07.Part Of Me/08.The Sky Is Crying/09.More And More/10.Angel From Montgomery/Sugaree/11.Bound For Glory/
12.The Storm


12 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Live at The Vogue(ND-4355)

*The Vogue,Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada November 8 2013
01.All That I Need/02.Made Up Mind/03.Do I Look Worried?/04.It's So Heavy/05.Get What You Deserve/
06.Part Of Me/07.Bound For Glory/08.More & More/09.Midnight In Harlem/10.Nobody's Free/11.The Sky Is Cryin'
12.Angel From Montgomery/Sugaree (Metropolis Nightclub,Montreal,Quebec,Canada November 18 2013)/
13.The Storm (Massey Hall,Toronto,ON,Canada November 17 2013)/
14.Sing A Simple Song/I Want To Take You Higher


13 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Don't Miss Me(ND-4402)

*Township Auditorium,Columbia,SC January 15 2014/
North Charleston Performing Arts Center,North Charleston,SC January 17 2014/
Sunshine Blues and Music Festival,Mizner Park Amphitheater, Boca Raton, FL January 18 2014/
Sunshine Blues and Music Festival,Vinoy Park,St. Petersburg,FL January 19 2014/
Tivoli Theater,Chattanooga,TN January 21 2014/Tennessee Theatre,Knoxville,TN January 22 2014
01.The Palace Of King 1/19/02.Do I Look Worried 1/22/03.It's So Heavy 1/19/04.Don't Miss Me 1/18/
05.Part Of Me 1/21/06.I Know 1/18/07.Misunderstood 1/18/08.Midnight In Harlem 1/18/09.The Sky Is Crying 1/21/
10.More And More 1/17/11.Jam/Love Has Something Else To Say with Jimmy Herring 1/19/
12.You Don't Miss Your Water 1/17/13.Made Up Mind 1/19/14.Bound For Glory 1/21/15.The Storm 1/18/
16.All That I Need 1/18/17.Space Captain 1/18+1/15


14 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/The Storm In Japan(ND-4436)

Japan Tour 2014
*Shibuya Kokaido,Tokyo,Japan Febbruary 6 2014
01.Midnight In Harlem/02.Space Captain

*Archaic Hall,Osaka,Japan February 9 2014
03.Bound For Glory/04.Midnight In Harlem/05.The Storm

*SHIBUYA-AX,Tokyo,Japan February 10 2014
06.Made Up Mind/07.Meet Me At The Bottom with Doyle Bramhall II/08.Midnight In Harlem

*Showa Joshi University Hitomi kinen Kodo,Tokyo,Japan February 11 2014
09.Anyday with Doyle Bramhall II

Performances Before A Visit To Japan
*John Varvatos Bowery Boutique,New York,NY January 31 2014
01.Introduction/02.Made Up Mind/03.Don't Drift Away/04.Don't Miss Me/05.The Storm

*CBS This Morning February 3 2014
06.Interview/07.Do I Look Worried/08.It's So Heavy


15 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Live in Collingswood(ND-4530)

*Scottish Rite Auditorium,Collingswood,NJ April 3 2014
01.Don't Let Me Slide/02.Mahjoun/Drums/03.Misunderstood/04.
Love Has Something Else To Say

*Scottish Rite Auditorium,Collingswood,NJ April 4 2014
05.More & More/06.The Sky Is Crying/07.Misunderstood/08.All That I Need/09.Part Of Me/
10.Sing A Simple Song/I Want To Take You Higher

*SHIBUYA-AX,Tokyo,Japan February 10 2014
11.St. James Infirmary with Doyle Bramhall II

*The Forum,Harrisburg,PA April 2 2014
12.Made Up Mind/13.Idle Wind


16 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Wanee Festival 2014(ND-4541)

*Wanee Festival 2014,Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park,Live Oak,FL April 12 2014
01.Get What You Deserve/02.All That I Need/03.Do I Look Worried/04.Living In The Palace Of The King/
05.Same Ole Blues/06.Love Has Something Else To Say/07.Midnight In Harlem/08.Bound For Glory/09.The Storm/
10.Stratus with Gov't Mule

*Classic Center Exhibition,Athens,GA April 10 2014
11.Do I Look Worried/12.Midnight In Harlem


17 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/The Storm in Europe Vol.1(ND-4574)

*Moma 1 Musik April 22 2014
01.Interview/02.The Storm

*E-Werk,Cologne,Germany April 23 2014
03.Made Up Mind/04.Do I Look Worried/05.All That I Need/06.I Know/07.Same Old Blues/08.The Sky Is Crying/
09.Bound For Glory/10.More & More/11.The Storm/12.Idle Wind


18 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/The Storm in Europe Vol.2(ND-4579)

*Tonhalle,Munich,Germany April 25 2014
01.Same Old Blues/02.Midnight In Harlem/03.Bound For Glory/04.Sing A Simple Song/I Want To Take You Higher

*Huxley's Neue Welt,Berlin,Germany April 26 2014
05.The Sky Is Crying/06.Midnight in Harlem

*L'Olympia Bruno Coquatrix,Paris,France April 28 2014
07.Made Up Mind/08.Do I Look Worried/09.All That I Need/10.It's So Heavy/11.Palace Of The King/12.Same Old Blues/
13.Part Of Me/14.The Sky Is Crying/15.Midnight In Harlem/16.The Storm/17.Idle Wind/18.Wah-Wah


19 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/The Storm In Europe Vol.3(ND-4584)

*Ancienne Belgique,Brussels,Belgium April 30 2014
01.The Sky Is Crying/02.Midnight In Harlem/03.More And More

*Moulin Blues Festival,Ospel,The Netherlands May 2 2014
04.Do I Look Worried/05.It's So Heavy/06.Love Has Something Else To Say/07.The Sky Is Crying/08.Midnight In Harlem/
09.Bound For Glory/10.The Storm/11.Sing A Simple Song/I Want To Take You Higher

*Topavond Blues Night 2014 in de Oosterpoort,Groningen,The Netherlands May 3 2014
12.Get What You Deserve/13.Do I Look Worried/14.Same Old Blues/15.Midnight In Harlem


20 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Mountain Jam 2014(ND-4642)
Mountain Jam 2014
*Mountain Jam,Hunter Mountain,NY June 7 2014
01.Idle Wind/02.Misunderstood with Eric Krasno/03.Darlin' Be Home Soon/04.Get What You Deserve/
05.Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring with Eric Krasno/06.Midnight In Harlem/07.Made Up Mind/08.The Sky Is Crying/
09.Bound For Glory/10.Keep On Growing/11.More & More/12.The Storm

*Sun Center,Starlight Summer Series Outdoor Stage,Aston,PA June 11 2014
13.Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning/14.More And More/15.Darling Be Home Soon/16.The Storm


21 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Bonnaroo 2014(ND-4643/4644)
*Bonnaroo Superjam,Bonnaroo 2014,Great Stage Park,Manchester,TN June 13 2014
01.Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring/02.Darlin' Be Home Soon/03.Kissing My Love/04.Respect Yourself/
05.Everybody's Gotta Change Sometimes/06.I Can't Turn You Loose/07.Statesboro Blues/08.These Arms Of Mine/09.Space Captain
/10.You’ve Got A Friend/11.Signed, Sealed, Delivered/12.What Is And What Should Never Be/13.Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)/
14.Tell Me Something Good/15.Shining Star/16.Sing A Simple Song/I Want To Take You Higher

Derek Trucks - guitar
Susan Tedeschi - guitar, vocals
Willie Weeks - bass
James Gadson - drums
Adam Deitch - drums
David Hidalgo - guitar, vocals
Eric Krasno - guitar
Nigel Hall - keys, vocals (lead vox on Respect Yourself, You’ve Got A Friend & Shining Star)
The Shady Horns: Ryan Zoidis (sax), James Casey (sax), Eric Bloom (trumpet)
Alecia Chakour, Jasmine Muhammad, Mark Rivers & Mike Mattison - background vocals
Kofi Burbridge - keys, flute
Saunders Sermons - vocals, trombone (on Kissing My Love)
Taj Mahal - guitar, vocals (on Everybody's Gotta Change Sometimes,I Can’t Turn You Loose, Statesboro Blues & These Arms Of Mine)
Anthony Hamilton - vocals (on These Arms Of Mine & Signed Sealed Delivered)
Ben Folds - piano, vocals (on Space Captain)
Chaka Khan - vocals (on Signed, Sealed, Delivered, What Is And What Should Never Be,
Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) & Tell Me Something Good)
Andrew Bird
Karl Denson

*Bonnaroo 2014,Great Stage Park,Manchester,TN June 14 2014
01.Idle Wind/02.Made Up Mind/03.Do I Look Worried/04.Get What You Deserve/05.It's So Heavy/06.Misunderstood with Eric Krasno/
07.Midnight In Harlem/08.Part Of Me/09.Bound For Glory/10.The Storm


22 - Tedeschi Trucks Band/Palace Of The King(ND-4704)

*Lucca Summer Festival,Lucca,Italy July 7 2014
01.Midnight In Harlem/02.Do I Look Worried/03.Palace Of The King with Robben Ford/04.Get What You Deserve

*Capitol,Offenbach,Germany July 12 2014
05.Don't Let Me Slide/06.All That I Need/07.Made Up Mind/08.Do I Look Worried/09.Bound For Glory/10.The Storm

*Open Air @ Mercedes Benz Museum,Stuttgart,Germany July 14 2014
11.Who Knows What Tomorrow/12.Don't Miss Me/13.Palace Of The King


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